“WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF I TELL?” ... is an education / support programme for the (non offending) parents / caregivers of sexually abused children & for social workers   working with the victims & their families.   “WWHIIT?” was launched on 12 July 2000 by Commissioner for Children, Roger McClay, & by Chris O'Reilly  (son of former Commissioner for Children, Laurie O’Reilly, to whom the programme is dedicated). CLICK HERE to view Chris O’Reilly’s address at the launch of the Programme.
The Programme came to fruition at the same time as unprecedented public recognition of the child abuse that remains endemic in our communities and was welcomed with an enthusiastic reception by front line social workers, counselors, forensic medical professionals, offender treatment therapists and allied workers. WWHIIT? was the product of 3 years research and development by Kathryn Barriball supported by The Electronic Media Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand and The ChildSafeNZ Group. The Programme’s effectiveness is supported by local and overseas post graduate research. The production of “WWHIIT?” was assisted by the Child Protection Trust, CYFS, NZ Police, Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care, Whakaruruhau (Star Ship forensic medical centre), the Auckland Video Unit (forensic video interview centre), the Waitakere Abuse and Trauma Counseling Centre and the Commissioner for Children. WWHIIT? IS AN EFFECTIVE INTERVENTION There are many factors in the child abuse problem however the interventions to the immediate trauma and damage of child abuse are: Early intervention, Breaking the cycle, Encouraging the disclosure and reporting of abuse and Encouraging the seeking of support, counseling and/or treatment by offenders. The Programme effectively addresses each of these. BREAKING THE CYCLE OF ABUSE “WWHIIT?” is a national education initiative to change endemic unhealthy public attitudes on the nature of and the reporting of child abuse. The Programme seeks to break the cycle of child abuse, it seeks to encourage the reporting of child abuse and it seeks to promote justice, caring and understanding for the children and caregivers involved in child abuse. We can break the cycle of abuse by ensuring that treatment programmes are available for offenders and by seeing that offenders get to the treatment programmes.
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CLICK HERE to view Chris O’Reilly’s address at the launch of the Programme. (July 2000)
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